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Research / Risk Factors
Research On Risk Factors Of SIDS

- Is the side sleep position effective against SIDS?
In 1996, after reviewing data from various new studies, the American Academy of Pediatrics
concluded that back sleeping is the best position for infants. The
risk for SIDS is greater for babies placed on their sides. Babies placed on
their sides are more likely to spontaneously turn onto their stomachs.

- Are vaccinations associated with SIDS?

Some researchers believe that some SIDS deaths may
be caused by vaccinations. The reason that some research organizations
believe that SIDS is associated with vaccinations is based on
the fact that vaccines are routinely given between 2 and 4 months
of age; the most common time period in which SIDS occurs. The Immunization
Safety Review Committee concluded that there is no evidence of any
relationship between these vaccines and SIDS. However, there are still
some people who believe that there is.