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Diagnosing A SIDS Death
Diagnosing A SIDS Death

SIDS has no symptoms or warning signs. Babies who die of SIDS:
- Cannot be resuscitated
- Seem healthy before being put to bed
- Show no signs of having struggled
- Are often found in the same position as when they were put down to sleep.

When there is a possibility that a baby may have died from SIDS:
1)Local emergency medical responders and law enforcement personnel are called to the scene.

2)Medical personnel attempt to revive the infant.

3)The infant is pronounced dead at the scene and is taken to the nearest emergency care facility.

4)Emergency personnel and police conduct a detailed death scene investigation
that involves: interviewing parents, other caregivers, and other family members; collecting
items from the scene of death; evaluating information from the scene.

5)The police prepare a detailed infant and family history based on the interviews.

6)An autopsy is performed by a medical examiner or physician who understands SIDS.

7)Tests are performed to rule out all possible causes for the death.

8)The cause of death is established based on the family history, death scene evaluation, and autopsy.

9)The medical examiner signs the death certificate stating the cause of death.